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The Crucial Battle for Biological Diversity

As we mark International Day for Biological Diversity, the planet’s complex ecosystems continue to face persistent pressures.

Nature is the lifeline of our existence. According to the United Nations:

🐠 Fish provide 20% of animal protein to about 3 billion people

🌱 Over 80% of the human diet is provided by plants

🌿 As many as 80% of people living in rural areas in developing countries rely on traditional plant‐based medicines for basic healthcare

But the Earth’s biodiversity is challenged by:

🌡️ Climate change

🌳 Habitat destruction

😷 Pollution

🪵 Overexploitation of natural resources

As a result, up to 1 million species of plants and animals are threatened by extinction, while deforestation is turning the Amazon rainforest from a carbon sink to a carbon source.

Businesses can play a significant role in addressing the rapid decline in biodiversity. While the specific actions may vary depending on the industry and scale of the business, all can implement strategies that make a positive contribution.

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