Spotlight Communications was founded by Leigh Murray, who offers decades of experience in journalism and communications, both across Australia and Asia. Having lived in Indonesia, Singapore and most recently Thailand, Leigh brings extensive knowledge and understanding of working across culturally diverse communities.

Leigh Murray
Managing Director and Founder

After 21 years in journalism, Leigh moved into marketing communications in 2011, and has since then provided strategic communications to companies across a wide range of industries, including seafood, manufacturing, automotive, transport, financial markets, insurance, food manufacturing, and NGOs.

Leigh has a special interest in sustainability communications. Today, consumers hold companies to increasingly higher standards and will actively support those which demonstrate ethical and sustainable practices. Ensuring the work they are doing in sustainability is critical for companies if they are to attract consumers to their brand. Leigh has extensive experience developing sustainability storytelling, managing the production of annual Sustainability Reports against industry guidelines, and working with multiple stakeholders globally and across cultures.