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Spotlight Communications specialises in sustainability communications.

With extensive experience across Australia and Asia, we offer a unique perspective for companies that want to be a sustainability leader and meet the growing expectations among their customers to be ethical and transparent.

With experience delivering sustainability communications on a global level, developing sustainability reports against industry guidelines, working closely with stakeholders at all levels of business and across cultures, Spotlight Communications brings storytelling to life.
At Spotlight Communications, we’re passionate about sustainability.

We're passionate about companies with a strong commitment to ESG. And we're passionate about supporting organisations that are dedicated to protecting the environment through initiatives that contribute to net positive for people and the planet.

Today, consumers are demanding companies be more accountable and that they operate sustainably and ethically. As a result, companies around the world are changing the way they operate, with sustainability now central to how they conduct business and make decisions.

Spotlight Communications works with companies to help them tell their sustainability story.

Spotlight Communications is proud to support organisations that are working to protect our planet


Brisbane, Australia

Sustainability Storytelling
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